GatMalite rotary barrel device


Early concept of a rotary barrel general purpose machine gun (Circa 2006)

The GatMalite device is a 5.56mm rotary barrel upper receiver compatable with the lower receiver of any AR-15 derivatives. The GatMalite device is intended to reduce barrel erosion, overheating enabling firepower for long period sustained fire purposes during heavy gunfire. Although the GatMalite may appear, it is not related to the Gatling Gun but rather a light machine gun that changes its barrels for each shot. Its operation has its roots in the similarly operated Webley Fosbery automatic revolver as the bolt recoils against an overhead grooved drum that rotates the barrel cluster. To ease the gas pressure as the weapon is blowback operated, the barrels are somewhat around the length of the M4 Carbine. This blowback principle dates back to the Schwarzlose MG M.07/12 which had a short barrel for the same purpose.

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